Our Family Stabilization Center is where information on our many CASEWV programs can be attained.   
At your appointment with a case manager we will:

  • Assess your needs
  • Determine your eligibility
  • Define which programs best meets your needs
  • Do community resource referrals
  • Follow-up and Support

CASEWV Administration
355 Bluefield Avenue
Bluefield, WV. 24701

Areas of Support
Housing Assistance
Employment Information and Referrals
Food Resources
Day Care Referrals
Weatherization Programs Information and Referrals
Senior Services Information and Referrals
Health Care Referrals

This is the process of working with and/or on behalf of families to assure that they receive services for which they qualify that would not otherwise be provided.  They are rendered in ways that safeguard your dignity and self-determinaiton.

Our Goal
Using our Family Self-Sufficiency Scale we conduct quarterly reviews to measure progress towards your goals within the programs selected. We work with you throughout the process until you have achieved all of your goals.

Length of Program

Families interested in participating in the Family Stabilization Program should be ready to make a commitment of at least one year.  The first few weeks of the program will require your utmost attention to assess needs and goals.  Follow-up appointments are then scheduled to achieve your success.

What We Do
Areas That We Explore and Assess Need:
housing, food, household income, education, employment, day care needs, health care, family relationships and financial management. 
After reviewing your information we assist in developing your goals.
CSBG Director
Brenda Elmore
The Power Of Partnerships!

Your Local Community Action Agency!

LIEAP and Emergency LIEAP dates are determined by you local DHHR office.

Individuals using a type of life support should contact AEP to see if they qualify to be exempt from possible disconnect.